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Class RandomSeedable

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    Ranecu, Ranlux, Ranmar, RanMT

    public abstract class RandomSeedableextends RandomElement
    RandomSeedable is an abstract class that extends the RandomElement class to include the ability to automatically generate a valid long seed from the clock. Thus it provides a consistent interface for seeding interchangable generators. It is reccomended that a RandomSeedable have a constructor that takes a long for a seed. For example, if you write a generator called ReallyRandom, you want to be able to do
     long seed=ReallyRandom.ClockSeed(); RandomSeedable e=new ReallyRandom(seed); 
    this makes it convenient to keep a copy of the seed in case you want to restart the generator with the same seed some time in the future.

    If one is going to use a long to generate a smaller seed by taking Clockseed() modulus another number, we reccomend that you use a prime number; this ensures that the generator would have the maximum "period" if it were started at regular issues, for instance, by a batch job. See Ranmar for an example.

    Source code is available.

    See Also:
    Ranecu, Ranlux, Ranmar

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