Documentation API of the 'com.jstatcom.model.JSCSArray' Java class

Class JSCSArray

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    public final class JSCSArrayextends AbstractJSCData
    A wrapper for string arrays that conforms to the JSCData interface.

    A JSCSArray is empty, if the stored array is null or has either zero rows or columns. All rows of array values must have the same length.

    All array arguments are copied before they are set as values. The original arrays are untouched. In a similar way all get methods return either a copy of a mutable object (like String[][]) or a reference to an immutable object.

    Whenever the value of this data object changes, registered JSCDataListeners are notified via a JSCDataEvent. If not otherwise stated, the event objects always contain the values before the change and after the change.

    This class is thread-safe. All access to mutable data is synchronized. All events are fired outside the synchronized blocks.

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