Class PoissonSlow

    • Constructor Detail

      • PoissonSlow

        public PoissonSlow(double mean,           RandomEngine randomGenerator)
        Constructs a poisson distribution. Example: mean=1.0.
    • Method Detail

      • logGamma

        public static double logGamma(double xx)
        Returns the value ln(Gamma(xx) for xx > 0. Full accuracy is obtained for xx > 1. For 0 < xx < 1. the reflection formula (6.1.4) can be used first. (Adapted from Numerical Recipes in C)
      • setMean

        public void setMean(double mean)
        Sets the mean.
      • staticNextInt

        public static int staticNextInt(double mean)
        Returns a random number from the distribution with the given mean.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a String representation of the receiver.
        toString in class Object

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