Class Exponential

    • Constructor Detail

      • Exponential

        public Exponential(double lambda,           RandomEngine randomGenerator)
        Constructs a Negative Exponential distribution.
    • Method Detail

      • cdf

        public double cdf(double x)
        Returns the cumulative distribution function.
      • nextDouble

        public double nextDouble(double lambda)
        Returns a random number from the distribution; bypasses the internal state.
      • pdf

        public double pdf(double x)
        Returns the probability distribution function.
      • setState

        public void setState(double lambda)
        Sets the mean.
      • staticNextDouble

        public static double staticNextDouble(double lambda)
        Returns a random number from the distribution with the given lambda.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a String representation of the receiver.
        toString in class Object

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