Documentation API of the 'cern.jet.random.Distributions' Java class

Class Distributions

  • public class Distributionsextends Object
    Contains methods for conveniently generating pseudo-random numbers from special distributions such as the Burr, Cauchy, Erlang, Geometric, Lambda, Laplace, Logistic, Weibull, etc.

    About this class:

    All distributions are obtained by using a uniform pseudo-random number generator. followed by a transformation to the desired distribution.

    Example usage:

     cern.jet.random.engine.RandomEngine generator; generator = new cern.jet.random.engine.MersenneTwister(new java.util.Date()); //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranecu(new java.util.Date()); //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranmar(new java.util.Date()); //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranlux(new java.util.Date()); //generator = AbstractDistribution.makeDefaultGenerator(); for (int i=1000000; --i >=0; ) {    int cauchy = Distributions.nextCauchy(generator);    ... } 
    See Also:
    MersenneTwister, Random, Math

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