Documentation API of the 'cern.hep.aida.bin.DynamicBin1D' Java class

Class DynamicBin1D

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DoubleBufferConsumer, Serializable, Cloneable

    public class DynamicBin1Dextends QuantileBin1D
    1-dimensional rebinnable bin holding double elements; Efficiently computes advanced statistics of data sequences. Technically speaking, a multiset (or bag) with efficient statistics operations defined upon. First see the package summary and javadoc tree view to get the broad picture.

    The data filled into a DynamicBin1D is internally preserved in the bin. As a consequence this bin can compute more than only basic statistics. On the other hand side, if you add huge amounts of elements, you may run out of memory (each element takes 8 bytes). If this drawbacks matter, consider to use StaticBin1D, which overcomes them at the expense of limited functionality.

    This class is fully thread safe (all public methods are synchronized). Thus, you can have one or more threads adding to the bin as well as one or more threads reading and viewing the statistics of the bin while it is filled. For high performance, add data in large chunks (buffers) via method addAllOf rather than piecewise via method add.

    If your favourite statistics measure is not directly provided by this class, check out Descriptive in combination with methods elements() and sortedElements().

    Implementation: Lazy evaluation, caching, incremental maintainance.

    See Also:
    Descriptive, Serialized Form

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