Class BinFunctions1D

  • public class BinFunctions1Dextends Object
    Function objects computing dynamic bin aggregations; to be passed to generic methods.
    See Also:
    Formatter, Statistic
    • Field Detail

      • functions

        public static final BinFunctions1D functions
        Little trick to allow for "aliasing", that is, renaming this class. Using the aliasing you can instead write

        BinFunctions F = BinFunctions.functions;

      • max

        public static final BinFunction1D max
        Function that returns bin.max().
      • mean

        public static final BinFunction1D mean
        Function that returns bin.mean().
      • median

        public static final BinFunction1D median
        Function that returns bin.median().
      • min

        public static final BinFunction1D min
        Function that returns bin.min().
      • rms

        public static final BinFunction1D rms
        Function that returns bin.rms().
      • size

        public static final BinFunction1D size
        Function that returns bin.size().
      • stdDev

        public static final BinFunction1D stdDev
        Function that returns bin.standardDeviation().
      • sum

        public static final BinFunction1D sum
        Function that returns bin.sum().
      • sumLog

        public static final BinFunction1D sumLog
        Function that returns bin.sumOfLogarithms().
      • geometricMean

        public static final BinFunction1D geometricMean
        Function that returns bin.geometricMean().
    • Method Detail

      • quantile

        public static BinFunction1D quantile(double percentage)
        Function that returns bin.quantile(percentage).
        the - percentage of the quantile (0 <= percentage <= 1).

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