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Class IntSorting

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable

    public class IntSortingextends PersistentObject
    Matrix quicksorts and mergesorts. Use idioms like Sorting.quickSort.sort(...) and Sorting.mergeSort.sort(...) .

    This is another case demonstrating one primary goal of this library: Delivering easy to use, yet very efficient APIs. The sorts return convenient sort views. This enables the usage of algorithms which scale well with the problem size: For example, sorting a 1000000 x 10000 or a 1000000 x 100 x 100 matrix performs just as fast as sorting a 1000000 x 1 matrix. This is so, because internally the algorithms only move around integer indexes, they do not physically move around entire rows or slices. The original matrix is left unaffected.

    The quicksort is a derivative of the JDK 1.2 V1.26 algorithms (which are, in turn, based on Bentley's and McIlroy's fine work). The mergesort is a derivative of the JAL algorithms, with optimisations taken from the JDK algorithms. Mergesort is stable (by definition), while quicksort is not. A stable sort is, for example, helpful, if matrices are sorted successively by multiple columns. It preserves the relative position of equal elements.

    See Also:
    GenericSorting, Sorting, Arrays, Serialized Form

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