Class FormerFactory

  • public class FormerFactoryextends Object
    Factory producing implementations of Former via method create(); Serves to isolate the interface of String formatting from the actual implementation. If you want to plug in a different String formatting implementation, simply replace this class with your alternative.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormerFactory

        public FormerFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public Former create(String format)
        Constructs and returns a new format instance.
        format - the format string following printf conventions. The string has a prefix, a format code and a suffix. The prefix and suffix become part of the formatted output. The format code directs the formatting of the (single) parameter to be formatted. The code has the following structure
        • a % (required)
        • a modifier (optional)
          forces display of + for positive numbers
          show leading zeroes
          align left in the field
          prepend a space in front of positive numbers
          use "alternate" format. Add 0 or 0x for octal or hexadecimal numbers. Don't suppress trailing zeroes in general floating point format.
        • an integer denoting field width (optional)
        • a period followed by an integer denoting precision (optional)
        • a format descriptor (required)
          floating point number in fixed format
          e, E
          floating point number in exponential notation (scientific format). The E format results in an uppercase E for the exponent (1.14130E+003), the e format in a lowercase e.
          g, G
          floating point number in general format (fixed format for small numbers, exponential format for large numbers). Trailing zeroes are suppressed. The G format results in an uppercase E for the exponent (if any), the g format in a lowercase e.
          d, i
          integer in decimal
          integer in hexadecimal
          integer in octal
        IllegalArgumentException - if bad format

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