Class SimpleLongArrayList

    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleLongArrayList

        public SimpleLongArrayList()
        Constructs an empty list.
      • SimpleLongArrayList

        public SimpleLongArrayList(long[] elements)
        Constructs a list containing the specified elements. The initial size and capacity of the list is the length of the array. WARNING: For efficiency reasons and to keep memory usage low, the array is not copied. So if subsequently you modify the specified array directly via the [] operator, be sure you know what you're doing.
        elements - the array to be backed by the the constructed list
      • SimpleLongArrayList

        public SimpleLongArrayList(int initialCapacity)
        Constructs an empty list with the specified initial capacity.
        initialCapacity - the number of elements the receiver can hold without auto-expanding itself by allocating new internal memory.
    • Method Detail

      • ensureCapacity

        public void ensureCapacity(int minCapacity)
        Ensures that the receiver can hold at least the specified number of elements without needing to allocate new internal memory. If necessary, allocates new internal memory and increases the capacity of the receiver.
        Specified by:
        ensureCapacity in class AbstractLongList
        minCapacity - the desired minimum capacity.
      • trimToSize

        public void trimToSize()
        Trims the capacity of the receiver to be the receiver's current size. An application can use this operation to minimize the storage of the receiver.
        trimToSize in class AbstractList

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