Documentation API of the 'cern.colt.bitvector.QuickBitVector' Java class

Class QuickBitVector

  • public class QuickBitVectorextends Object
    Implements quick non polymorphic non bounds checking low level bitvector operations. Includes some operations that interpret sub-bitstrings as long integers.

    WARNING: Methods of this class do not check preconditions. Provided with invalid parameters these method may return (or set) invalid values without throwing any exception. You should only use this class when performance is critical and you are absolutely sure that indexes are within bounds.

    A bitvector is modelled as a long array, i.e. long[] bits holds bits of a bitvector. Each long value holds 64 bits. The i-th bit is stored in bits[i/64] at bit position i % 64 (where bit position 0 refers to the least significant bit and 63 refers to the most significant bit).

    See Also:
    BitVector, BitMatrix, BitSet

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