Class Version

  • public final class Versionextends Object
    Information about the current release. Use this class to distinguish releases and base runtime decisions upon. Versions are of the form Major.Minor.Micro.Build, e.g.

    You can most easily display version info by running java cern.colt.Version.

    • Method Detail

      • asString

        public static String asString()
        Returns all version information as string.
      • getBuildTime

        public static String getBuildTime()
        Returns the time this release was build; for example "Tue Apr 11 11:50:39 CEST 2000".
      • getBuildVersion

        public static int getBuildVersion()
        Returns the build version of this release.
      • getMajorVersion

        public static int getMajorVersion()
        Returns the major version of this release.
      • getMicroVersion

        public static int getMicroVersion()
        Returns the micro version of this release.
      • getMinorVersion

        public static int getMinorVersion()
        Returns the minor version of this release.
      • main

        public static void main(String[] args)
        Prints asString on System.out.
        args - ignored.

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