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Benefits of becoming a full member

Members of the SCaVis project can obtain the license for commercial usage and an access to a professional version of SCaVis (SCaVis-Pro). This version has redesigned libraries and does not have the warning information at the top right corner of the SCaVis IDE. SCaVis-Pro can auto-update separate jar files without reinstalling the entire program. In addition, the full members can  access:

  • updated source code of the package
  • a searchable library with hundreds example scripts ("SCaVis script library"). Members can upload and share their scripts
  • online API documentation with source code and a search engine
  • access to the Reference Manual
  • full access to the online SCaVis manual
  • full access to the jWorkLearn tutorials to learn Python, BeanShell, jMathLab and SCaVis
  • subversion repository for the core package (jhplot) with download links

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