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RTextDoc manual

RTextDoc installation

Download RTextDoc package (RTextDoc-[version].zip) using the download link . Unzip this file in any place.

  • For Windows: Locate the package, right-click the file, click “Extract All”, and then follow the instructions.
  • For Linux/Mac: unzip RTextDoc-[version].zip

To launch the editor, click “rtextdoc.jar” (Windows). For Mac/Linux, you can simply execute

java -jar rtextdoc.jar

Java 7 and above should be installed using the Oracle link.

LaTeX installation

To use RTextDoc with LaTeX, install MiKTeX or TeX Live (for Windows). For Linux or Mac, follow their instructions. RTextDoc autodetects LaTeX installation, so it is wise to install LaTeX first. If you installed first RTextDoc and then LaTeX, use the RTextDoc menu [Edit]⇒[Option]⇒[LaTeX] to check the LaTeX installation (click “Autodetect” button).

RTextDoc activation

To activate RTextDoc, you should login and purchase the license. You will receive a notification by email. Then start RTextDoc, click [Help]⇒[Activate RTextDoc] and enter your user name. Restart the program.

RTextDoc does not require installation. You can use carry it on a USB flash drive. RTextDoc editor is also available in jPort portable desktop which includes several portable programs to draw LaTeX graphs (PSTricks generator).

A note on file extensions

To edit LaTeX files, use the file extension “*.tex”. To edit text with AsciiDoc markup tags, use the extensions ”.adoc”, ”.asc” or ”.asciidoc”. AsciiDoc support in RTextDoc is powered by ASciiDoctor, so please use its syntax.

Creating EPS figures

We recommend the DataMelt project project to create high-quality scientific charts in EPS and PDF files, which can easily be included to LaTeX documents edited by RTextDoc.

More information

This manual is enabled for registered RTextDoc users with activated license. Please register using the member link.

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