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This is a FAQ pages for the activated version of RTextDoc. To view some answers, please login.

LaTeX auto-detection has failed

Check the laTeX installation “Edit→Options→LaTeX”. Click “Auto-detect”. If it fails, make sure that “MikTex” or “LiveTex” are installed inside the directory “C\Program Files”. On Linux/Mac, check install LaTeX and check it with the command “which latex”.

Can I use RTextDoc without installed LaTeX?

Yes, you can. One can write a LaTeX document and preview it as a HTML file using “Convert → LaTeX → HTML” converter. It creates a HTML file and previews in a browser (use Mozilla for best performance). Note that only a basic set of LaTeX commands and equations are supported since the conversion is done using a Java 3rd party libraries

Can I use RTextDoc without installed AsciiDoc?

RTextDoc comes with installed and you do not need to install other libraries.

Can I preview a PDF file without Acroread viewer?

For best portability and speed, RTextDoc has its own PDF viewer. Use [Macros] → [PDF preview] command.

My update breaks the installed RTextDoc..

In some cases, when we move from one major release to another, update feature may not copy the needed jar files. In this case, please download the newest version and activate this version using your existing username.

Will my membership expire in future?

No, your membership never will expire. You can activate all future releases of RTextDoc with the existing username. However, if we will notice that your username is available in public domain, we may terminate it.

I need to reinstall or reset RTextDoc

If you need to reset RTextDoc to default preferences, simply remove the directory ”.rtextdoc”. On Windows, it is located in the directory “Documents and Settings” (use search to locate ”.rtextdoc”). For Linux/Mac, it is in $HOME/.rtextdoc

Moving RTextDoc to different location

Activated RTextDoc may fail if you will move the installed RTextDoc to a different location. The correct way to relocate RTextDoc is this:

  • Remove the preference directory ”.rtextdoc” (see above)
  • Copy the directory “RTextDoc” with the “rtextdoc.jar” to the final location
  • Activate RTextDoc (“Help→ Activate”)

Modifying LaTeX commands

You can configure external commands launched from the RTextDoc menu and modify them as needed. This may be needed if LaTeX commands (such as latex, dvips, bibtex) have non-standard locations.

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