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RTextDoc manual

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Help for the RTextDoc demo version

The download demo version is a fully functional editor. All commands to edit text files or code source are available. Here is a comparison of downloaded (demo) version with full (activated):

Feature Demo version Activated version
On-the-fly spelling Yes Yes
Instant grammar checker No Yes
Syntax highlighting Yes Yes
Bookmarks Yes Yes
Section folding Yes Yes
Line numbers Yes Yes
Bracket matching Yes Yes
Text formatting Yes Yes
Integrated BibTex manager No Yes
WYSIWYG equation editor No Yes
Autodetection of LaTeX environment No Yes
Autodetection of LaTeX errors No Yes
Integrated LaTeX tools No Yes
Integrated LaTeX drawing No Yes
Autoupdate No Yes
LaTeX document structure No Yes
LaTeX→PDF→Preview No Yes
LaTeX→BibTex→DVIPS→Preview No Yes
pdfLatex→Preview No Yes
Built-in PDF viewer No Yes
Dictionaries 1 included 42 downloaded
LaTeX → HTML → LaTeX Yes Yes
AsciiDoc structure No Yes
AsciiDoc → HTML No Yes
AsciiDoc → DocBook No Yes
AsciiDoc → PDF No Yes
Support and access to documentation No Yes

Is this GNU software?

This program is open-source and licensed by GNU. The source code is available after free registration. But we do charge money for activation. Read GNU selling.

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