Brushes for computer art

Digital art program for large canvases, posters and Web pages

Drawings with brushes

The application includes many customizable brushes for digital art. Digital painting can be done on large canvases. You need a raster drawing 36" x 24" (9000x6000 pixels) for a large poster? No problem!

Complex images in a few minutes

Create very complex abstract images for prints and Web pages in a few minutes. Digital painting has never been easier than it is with NBrush. Painting shown on the left required 30 seconds to make.

Edit photos

You can also edit photos by adding complex patterns of lines. Here we added some text using digital brushes.

Program features

NBrush is a program for artists and designers. You can use it to create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print and web.

Color brushes

More than 100 color patterns for digital brushes. You can add color patterns from custom-made images.

Styles of brushes

Thickness of brushes, the number of lines, and random patterns are fully configurable

Export to images

Exporting to JPEG and PNG images. Supports transparency. Working with painting of arbitrary large sizes (tested up to 9000x6000 pixels). The image size is determined by the computer memory and by your imagination.

Simple to use

When painting, it truly feels like you’re using real paint on a real canvas. Simple minimalist interface without complex menu. You can begin painting instantly.

Runs on any computer

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Implemented in Java. Hardware acceleration for fast drawings


Configuration file can be used to change features. You can add photo or other image as a background

Get the program

Interested? Download the demo version and test it!

Download link for the demo program

After unzipping, run the file nbrush.bat (on Windows) or nbrush.sh (on Linux/Mac with the bash prompt). Java8 and above should be installed. Note: this demo version (a) has fixed-size canvas 800x600 px which cannot be changed. (b) cannot be used to save image files nor configured with background photo (c) has only a few color patterns.

To buy the full version, please contact nbrush@jwork.org or use this web form:

Read license if you want to learn more

Acknowledgements: This application includes the core Java library (LGPL) from Processing, and some algorithms implemented in JavaScript by C.Riebschlager (neobrush)