5 best free pograms for statistics, data mining and graphics

R-package - a software for statistical computing written in C. Script oriented. Pros: widely used, simple, extensive documentation. Cons: simpler graphics compared to competitors, no multi-threading, scripting is less powerful compare to other programming languages.
DMelt - a math software written in Java and based on GNU libraries supported by the DMelt team (led by S.Chekanov). Pros: support for many languages Python, Groovy, Java, Ruby. Multi-threading. Extensive documentation, superior graphics and hundreds of examples. Cons: Hard to bind with CPython. Many advanced topics of the documentation are proprietary. In the past, the program had name JHepWork (2005-2013) and SCaVis (2013-2015)
Weka - A Java environment for data mining. Pros: advanced GUI, good documentations. Cons: support for data visualization is less advanced compared to alternative programs. Scripting support is limited.
ROOT - C++ data-analysis environment created by the CERN organization. A script oriented with support of Python. Pros: Advanced histogramming and graphics, including 3D. Cons: somewhat more oriented towards a particular field (HEP). Not easy to use outside the POSIX system
Orange - visualization and analysis for novice and experts. Pros: Advanced GUI and graphics. Good documentation. Support for CPython. Cons: Less choice for scripting language compared to alternative statistical packages

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