jPort - desktop menu to access free portable Java applications

jPort is finally out (and it is already release 1.4!). What is special about jPort project? jPort is a portable application launcher for Java-enabled platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). It can launch dozens of free Java-powered programs for office, science, education, code development, entertainment and graphics. If you need a tool to organize all your applications in one place, a single menu (for example, on menuless Windows8) - this is the way to go. Plus, all supported applications run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and they are fully portable, thus can be launched from a USB flash drive. Look at the jPort selection of portable program here - all such Java programs can be installed and inserted inside the jPort menu. You may notice that the largest fraction of jPort programs are made for science and education. This sets it in unique position compared to other software portals where 90% of all programs are for entertainment.

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