Our focus

Java powered Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language. The Java Virtual Machine runs code regardless of operating system, adapting programs to quickly evolving hardware and software architecture. Programs written in Java will always stay relevant in future. Carving programming code in stone for future generations is easier than ever before.

Currently we are focusing on the Java programming language. There are several reasons for this:

  • Most popular programming language in industry. See TIOBE-INDEX
  • Multiplatform. Runs on any Java-enabled machine. Entry to Android
  • Web friendly (applets). Easy to share. Designed to support network computing (C++ - for system programming)
  • Better suited for distributed analysis environments
  • Simple and well structured. Automatic memory management
  • Robust, stable, backward compatible. Low support.
  • Reflection technology (missing in C++)
  • Powerful multithread support
  • Advanced serialization, run-time checks
  • Many free Java IDE to develop code

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Guest blog