Welcome to jPort Java desktop Hundreds of free desktop applications Portable Java applications to go

Main features

  • Best Java applications that run from a USB flash drive
  • Includes portable Java3D platform for 3D applications
  • Runs on any platform, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.
  • All preferences and user files are stored on the same USB flash Drive
  • Automatic updates
  • All programs are tested and are free
  • Secure. No annoying ads

What is included?

With the downloaded demo version, you will get a base set of applications (about 30 MB). Upon jPort activation, you can access and install dozens of applications listened in jPort Program Library. The total size of this library is above 1 GB.


JavaYou will need to have Java7 on the host computer. Download it from the Oracle. If not sure, check Java installation using this link.