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SCaVis 1.5 is released - jworkorg - 01-30-2014 12:11 PM

SCaVis release 1.5

This is a pilot releases that incorporates new features, faster startup,
custom Jython, many new packages.

1) Jas algebra library, SymJa; astrolib
2) A number of minimization packages JOptima, JOptimizers, JPop
3) JDistLib is separated (and updated)
4) Database drivers are included.
5) Support for DIF files (HFileDIF) and CSV files (HFileCSV)
6) Alternative support for non-parametric function plotting in 3D (HPlotMX)
8) JNumeric rebuilt and relocated
9) Jython is custom-built.
Faster package caching & better compatibility with CPython.
10) Corrected methods getArrayX(), getArrayY() etc. for P1D
11) Added method getArray, getErr(i) to return errors.
12) H2D histogram has new methods to access bins and errors
13) jnumeric Jython extension moved to lib/jython (and rebuilt)

A number of non-linear fit examples have been added.

Jan 27, 2014