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jhepwork 3.2 beta - jworkorg - 10-14-2011 03:00 PM

A jhepwork 3.2 (beta version) is available. http://jwork.org/jhepwork/download/

Main features include:
[*]Symbolic (analytic) calculations can be done in Java or Jython[/*]
[*]Analytical calculation (Octave/matlab files) can be executed using the same "run" button as for jython/BeanShell/Java code.
Also F8 can run matlab/octave code.[/*]
[*][Help]->[jHepWork help] starts default browser with online manual. We do not include static manual with the application.[/*]
[*]Putting together the major financial Java packages.[/*]
[*]All API links redirected to Oracle API[/*]
[*]Symbolic calculations (simplify, integrate, expansion, differential). See jhplot.math.Symbolic[/*]
[*]HPlotter canvas - will use Jas/Aida style of plotting[/*]

Contains description for analytic calculations
Description for financial calculations