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Full Version: dave - beware it will cost $20 more if you want documentation
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Comment on googleplay:
Quote: beware it will cost $20 more if you want documentation
After downloading the app and searching through the web pages referenced by the app I found out that if you want to actually use the app you must pay an extra $20 to get access to the user manual.

Answer: Not true. The application comes with the promotional code and the actual price will be only 10$ to have a full access to the documentation. Note that BeanShell itself has a lot of tutorials and manuals which are totally free. The portal http://jwork.org/learn provides free tutorials for BeanShell and jMathLab (you need to be jHepWork full member if you want run the examples online using the web browser).

Also, a large portion of the jHepWork documentation and examples are free
http://jwork.org/jhepwork/wikidoc/doku.php. This is enough to get started.
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