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Full Version: Log scale F1D
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Thanks for the info.

Indeed at this moment the only solution is to increase the number of divisions using setPoints(int bins).

In this case the points are evaluated in the linear scale between Min and Max, but HPlot and HPlotJa
show the points in the log scale (both have exactly the same implementation).

I think at this moment the best solution is to use not "function", but "ln(function)" and plot it on the linear scale


from jhplot import F1D
from jhplot import HPlotJa

x = [0.1, 10]
y = [-10, 5]

f = F1D("log(1-(2*e**(-x)))", x[0], x[1])
# f.setPoints(10000)

c1 = HPlotJa("Canvas")
c1.setRangeX(x[0], x[1])
c1.setRangeY(y[0], y[1])
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