Feel the power of SQL!


  • Scalable.  Can sustain large load.
  • All HTML files are represented by a single file (SQLite database)
  • SQL output looks exactly as original static HTML, but with a search field added at the top
  • A navigation bar can be added at the top. Also, a custom footer can be added
  • Search can be customizable. Search result first shows the main class with exactly  matched name, then all other documentation files where the work can be found
  • Stylesheet (CSS) can be arbitrary. For Javadoc HTML  files, we preserve the original Java7 style.
  • Each upper level of documentation (upper "package) is  in a separate SQL table to improve performance.
  • Secure. The database file can be located outside the web servers. The database can also be protected by a password
  • Very fast. A typical speed is 0.008 seconds to fetch HTML documentation page with about 200kB

Click on the "Demo" tab to see how it works.