Feel the power of SQL!


Doc2SQL is a HTML to SQL database converter application. It can be used to convert  tons of static HTML documentation to a scalable SQLite database. The converted documentation will look exactly as original HTML files.


Why converting static documentation to a database?

  • Scalable. Tons of documentation in one file.
  • Easier to maintain. Can be edited using SQL Browsers
  • Small footprint on a server. More than 6000 static HTML files may seriously impact the server performance and you maybe be asked by provider to reduce the number of directories and files
  • Secure (database is outside the web server). The database can also be protected by a password
  • Build-in search. What good is a documentation web site without a search engine? This feature is totally missing when using HTML static pages.
  • Viewed outside the web server. Can be used by other applications (for example , on table PCs etc)

Why SQLite database?

  • SQLite read speeds are faster than MySQL
  • SQLite file can be used in other standalone applications