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  1. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: canvas3d_jasymca.m [75%] Plots/3D Using Octave language to plot function in 3D
  2. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: plot2d.m [75%] Plots/2D Parametric function in 2D using Matlab/Octave
  3. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: canvas3d_jasymca1.m [75%] Plots/3D Using Octave language to plot data in 3D
  4. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: symb_sympl.m [75%] Symbolic/Symplify Analytic symplification using Octave
  5. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: stat_desc.m [75%] Statistics/Descriptive Descriptive statistics using Octave language
  6. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: jasymca_linspace.m [62%] Symbolic/Jasymca Jasymca lin space in Matlab /Octave mode
  7. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: jasymca_demo.m [62%] Symbolic/Jasymca Demo Jasymca symbolic calculations in Octave mode

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  1. Wiki Wiki: and Octave [100%] ..melt:programming/7 matlab and octave]]..
  2. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: jasymca_linspace.m [42%] ..jasymca lin space in matlab /octave mode function y = linspace (..
  3. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: plot2d.m [42%] ..c function in 2d using matlab/octave t=0:0.1:4*pi; x=sin(0.5*t+..
  4. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: symb_diff1.m [42%] ..on using jasymca # this uses octave language syms a,x y=diff(a*x..
  5. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: canvas3d_jasymca.m [35%] .. | p | 1 | s.chekanov | using octave language to plot function in ..
  6. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: stat_desc.m [35%] .. descriptive statistics using octave language v=[1,10,20,2,4,7,4..
  7. Wiki Wiki: Matlab and Octave [30%] ..= using matlab/octave = datamelt can be used to pro..
  8. Wiki Wiki: Introduction [28%] ..trate how to write a macro in octave or matlab syntax and execute ..
  9. Wiki Wiki: [28%] you can learn about matlab/octave general-purpose scripting lan..
  10. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: symb_eq1.m [28%] using jasymca # this uses octave language syms x,y a=[x,1,-2,..
  11. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: symb_diff2.m [28%] ..ation with a plot # this uses octave language syms x % symbolic..
  12. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: canvas3d_jasymca1.m [28%] .. | c | 1 | s.chekanov | using octave language to plot data in 3d ..
  13. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: symb_sympl.m [28%] ..analytic symplification using octave # this uses jasymca engine ..
  14. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: symb_eq2.m [28%] ..ns using jasymca # this uses octave language syms x,y a=[x,1,-2,..
  15. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core.util package [28%] ..e mathutil matlab networkutil octave porterstemmer r randommersenn..
  16. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.detect.interest.FastHessianFeatureDetector class [26%] ..s are detected in a series of octaves. each octave is defined as a..
  17. Wiki Wiki: Introduction [25%] ..thlab] - a program which uses octave/matlab language for numeric a..
  18. Java API Java API: org.jdmp.core package [25%]
  19. Wiki Wiki: Integration [21%] ..',ll,ul) is modeled after the octave/matlab integration function, ..
  20. Wiki Wiki: Running DMelt [20%] ..- for java files * ".m" - for octave files here are examples: dme..
  21. Wiki Wiki: Introduction [18%] ..hlab is a clone of matlab and octave written in java. unlike matla..
  22. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.detect.interest.SiftDetector class [18%] done by creating the first octave in a scale space. then the di..
  23. Java API Java API: org.ejml.equation package [17%]
  24. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core.util package [17%]
  25. Wiki Wiki: Symbolic Variables [17%] ..= in contrast to the examples octave and matlab, jasymca integrate..
  26. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core.util.Octave class [15%] class octave java.lang.object org.ujmp.cor..
  27. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.detdesc.CompleteSift class [14%] .. conserved by only having one octave of the scale-space in memory ..
  28. Wiki Wiki: Using Scripts [13%] ..torial online] * '''matlab or octave''' - for analytic calculation..
  29. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.Symbolic class [12%] ..mca", use the standard matlab/octave mode. for "jscl", use jscl sy..
  30. Wiki Wiki: Commands [10%] ..ors with one example each for octave-mode (o-mode) and maxima-mode..
  31. Wiki Wiki: [7%] ..tive python/jython and matlab/octave tutorials (java powered)] * [..
  32. Wiki Wiki: Calculus [7%] ..,ll,ul) is modelled after the octave/matlab integration function, ..
  33. Wiki Wiki: [7%] ..ever, we work with the matlab/octave/scilab-approach of using vect..
  34. Wiki Wiki: Polynomials [7%], however, we work with the octave approach of using vectors as ..
  35. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: jasymca_demo.m [7%] ..ymca symbolic calculations in octave mode p = 5000; printf("welc..
  36. Java API Java API: org.ejml.equation.Equation class [7%] ..ic way, similar to matlab and octave. aliases are made to matrices..
  37. Wiki Wiki: Functions [6%] ..nd plot functions using ether octave or matlab syntax. plotting fu..
  38. Wiki Wiki: DMelt IDE [4%] ..hich are java, python/jython, octave/matlab, beanshell, jruby, gro..