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  1. Jython Jython Example: [62%] Finance/Market analysis Calculates equity option values with a number of methods

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  1. Java API Java API: info.monitorenter.util.collections.IComparableProperty interface [83%] ..s be compared by a comparable number instance that may be modified..
  2. Java API Java API: edu.rit.numeric.Rational class [81%] provides a 32-bit rational number. a 32-bit rational number is ..
  3. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Float64 class [79%] class float64 java.lang.objec..
  4. Java API Java API: org.nd4j.linalg.indexing.functions.Value class [79%] ..lemented interfaces: function<number,number> public class valueext..
  5. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core.numbermatrix.stub package [79%] ..ckageed by: totext in class number returns: the text re..
  6. Java API Java API: edu.rit.numeric.BigRational class [73%] java.lang.object java.lang.number edu.rit.numeric.bigrational a..
  7. Java API Java API: org.nd4j.linalg.api.complex.IComplexNumber interface [71%] ..api.complex interface icomplexnumber all known subinterfaces: icom..
  8. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.ComplexNumber class [71%] ..g.encog.mathutil class complexnumber java.lang.object
  9. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.Complex class [69%] .. complex implements a complex number and defines complex arithmeti..
  10. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Integer64 class [68%] class integer64 java.lang.obj..
  11. Java API Java API: jsci.maths.Complex class [67%] ..ex class encapsulates complex numbers. see also: serialized form f..
  12. Java API Java API: class [67%] ..isker item. boxandwhiskeritem(number mean, number median, number..
  13. Java API Java API: jsci.maths.MathDouble class [66%] ..le java.lang.object java.lang.number jsci.maths.mathdouble all imp..
  14. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Number class [66%] class numbernumber..
  15. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.util.HexNumberFormat class [66%] class hexnumberformat java.lang.object java.t..
  16. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.FloatingPoint class [64%] class floatingpoint java.lang..
  17. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Rational class [64%] class rational java.lang.obje..
  18. Java API Java API: jhpro.nnet.jknnl.TopologyModel interface [63%] ..hod and description int getcolnumber() return number of columns ar..
  19. Java API Java API: cc.redberry.core.number package [63%] cc.redberry.core.number inter..
  20. Java API Java API: cc.redberry.core.number.parser package [63%] ..packageerry.core.number.parser packaget..
  21. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.RNG interface [63%] ..nterface rng defines a random number generator that is capable of ..
  22. Java API Java API: net.finmath.swing package [63%]
  23. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.exception.OutOfRangeException class [63%] ..ns.math3.exception.mathillegalnumberexception org.apache.commons.m..
  24. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number package [63%] org.jscience.mathematics.numb..
  25. Java API Java API: math.jwave.datatypes.Complex class [62%] .. class to represent a complex number. a complex object is immutabl..
  26. Java API Java API: com.jstatcom.table.NumberDisplayTable interface [62%] interface numberdisplaytable all known impleme..
  27. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.exception.OutOfRangeException class [62%] ..ons.math.exception.mathillegalnumberexception org.apache.commons.m..
  28. Java API Java API: org.nd4j.linalg.indexing.functions.Identity class [62%] ..lemented interfaces: function<number,number> public class identity..
  29. Java API Java API: org.nd4j.linalg.indexing.functions.Zero class [62%] ..lemented interfaces: function<number,number> public class zeroexte..
  30. Java API Java API: edu.uci.ics.jung.samples.ShortestPathDemo.MyEdgePaintFunction class [61%]<number,paint> enclosing class: short..
  31. Java API Java API: edu.uci.ics.jung.samples.ShortestPathDemo.MyEdgeStrokeFunction class [61%]<number,stroke> enclosing class: shor..
  32. Java API Java API: javanpst.distributions.tests.TotalNumberOfRunsDistribution class [60%] ..istributions.tests class totalnumberofrunsdistribution java.lang.o..
  33. Java API Java API: jsci.maths.MathInteger class [60%] java.lang.object java.lang.number jsci.maths.mathinteger all im..
  34. Java API Java API: edu.uci.ics.jung.algorithms.scoring.util.DelegateToEdgeTransformer class [59%] ..mon.base.function,number> public class delegatetoedget..
  35. Java API Java API: org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.internal.lang.SqlParser.signed_default_number_return class [58%] ..lass sqlparser.signed_default_number_return java.lang.object org.a..
  36. Java API Java API: org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.internal.lang.SqlParser.signed_number_return class [58%] ..l.lang class sqlparser.signed_number_return java.lang.object org.a..
  37. Java API Java API: class [57%] the host name and the port number of the slave machine. field s..
  38. Java API Java API: org.freehep.util.ScientificFormat class [56%] ..ends format this code formats numbers in scientific notation. the ..
  39. Java API Java API: corejava package [55%]
  40. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.BoundNumbers class [55%] class boundnumbers java.lang.object org.encog.m..
  41. Java API Java API: org.jlab.groot.math package [55%]
  42. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.lang.annotation.Natural class [55%] ..d to mark a type as a natural number see also: natural number, jsr..
  43. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.lang.annotation.NonNegative class [55%] ..o mark a type as non-negative number see also: natural number, jsr..
  44. Java API Java API: org.matheclipse.parser.client.math package [55%] ..nal arrays. randomfunc   statnumber creates a statnumber object w..
  45. Java API Java API: class [55%] ..nd their associated reference numbers. constructor summary constru..
  46. Java API Java API: interface [55%] interface linenumberwriter.linenumberlistener all ..
  47. Java API Java API: org.jlab.groot.math.StatNumber class [55%] class statnumber java.lang.object org.jlab.gro..
  48. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.ModuloInteger class [54%] class modulointeger java.lang..
  49. Java API Java API: org.nd4j.linalg.indexing.conditions.Conditions class [54%] ..c condition epsequals(icomplexnumber value)  static condition ep..
  50. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.ValueErr class [54%] .. a value represented with the number (value) and associated error...
  51. Java API Java API: org.ejml.ops.ComplexMath64F class [54%] ..ic math operations on complex numbers. constructor summary constru..
  52. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Real class [54%] class real java.lang.object j..
  53. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.util.HMSNumberFormat class [53%] class hmsnumberformat java.lang.object java.t..
  54. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.NumberKit class [53%] class numberkit java.lang.object org.jgap...
  55. Java API Java API: org.jscience.mathematics.number.Complex class [53%] class complex java.lang.objec..
  56. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.exp4j.tokenizer.NumberToken class [53%] ..ot.math.exp4j.tokenizer class numbertoken java.lang.object jhplot...
  57. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.MathRNG class [53%] ..objectimplements rng a random number generator that delegates rand..
  58. Java API Java API: net.objecthunter.exp4j.tokenizer.NumberToken class [53%] ..thunter.exp4j.tokenizer class numbertoken java.lang.object net.obj..
  59. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.optim.BaseOptimizer class [53%] ..r-plate code for counting the number of evaluations of the objecti..
  60. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.MathConst class [53%] ..icircle. static double eulers_number euler's number. method summar..
  61. Java API Java API: interface [53%] ..break data into clusters. the number of clusters is usually define..

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