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  1. Java API Java API: jhpro.stat.Moments class [81%] ..jhpro.stat class moments java.lang.object jhpro.stat...
  2. Java API Java API: jhplot.stat.FactorialMoments class [77%] ..jhplot.stat class factorialmoments java.lang.object jhplot.stat..
  3. Java API Java API: jhpro.stat.MomentsFac class [74%] ..jhpro.stat class momentsfac java.lang.object
  4. Java API Java API: jhpro.stat.MomentsFacNorm class [74%] ..jhpro.stat class momentsfacnorm java.lang.object jhpr..
  5. Java API Java API: jhpro.stat.MomentsNorm class [74%] ..jhpro.stat class momentsnorm java.lang.object jhpro.s..
  6. Java API Java API: interface [72%] ..t that will be invoked at the moment of roll-over, to retrieve a r..
  7. Java API Java API: class [70%] primary file at the moment of roll-over. static void mai..
  8. Jython Jython example: [66%] # statistics/descriptive ..
  9. Java API Java API: math.geom2d.spline package [66%]
  10. Wiki Wiki: General Topics [64%] several advances topics. = moments of a distribution= datamelt ..
  11. Jython Jython example: [58%] # statistics/advanced | p..
  12. Java API Java API: cern.hep.aida.bin.MightyStaticBin1D class [55%] ..o more: additionally computes moments of arbitrary integer order, ..
  13. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.bin.MightyStaticDoubleBin1D class [55%] ..o more: additionally computes moments of arbitrary integer order, ..
  14. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.bin.MightyStaticFloatBin1D class [55%] ..o more: additionally computes moments of arbitrary integer order, ..
  15. Wiki Wiki: Data Structures [54%] ...0 sum of powers(6): 978405.0 moment(0,0): 1.0 moment(1,0): 4.5 mo..
  16. Wiki Wiki: Series [54%] ..ness, kurtosis and high order moments: size: 88 sum: 79317.609422..
  17. Java API Java API: javax.measure.quantity.Torque interface [50%] ..this interface represents the moment of a force. the system unit f..
  18. Jython Jython example: [47%] # statistics/advanced | p..
  19. Java API Java API: jhplot.utils.SHisto class [45%]
  20. Java API Java API: class [41%] ..s. this is the zeroth central moment: e((x - \xc2\xb5)^0) see also..
  21. Java API Java API: edu.jas.util.ArrayUtil class [41%] ..m java 6. note: unused at the moment since it is not working in ja..
  22. Java API Java API: net.sf.drawj2d.cmd.statics.StatMequilibriumCmd class [41%] ..h scales an input force until moment equilibrium is fulfilled. con..
  23. Java API Java API: org.joone.util.ColumnSelectorPlugIn class [41%] ..all available columns at that moment. it just uses an advanced col..
  24. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.experimental.lattices.ExtendedTian class [41%] ..binomialtree tian tree: third moment matching, multiplicative appr..
  25. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.methods.lattices.Tian class [41%] ..binomialtree tian tree: third moment matching, multiplicative appr..
  26. Jython Jython example: [41%] ..sw line $a $c $b # global moment equilibrium at pos. b in orde..
  27. Java API Java API: class [41%]
  28. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.StandardDeviation class [40%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class standarddeviation java...
  29. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.StandardDeviation class [40%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class standarddeviation java...
  30. Java API Java API: cern.colt.matrix.tfloat.algo.FloatStatistic class [38%] .. 2.215370909100143e12 moment(0,0): 1.0 moment(1,0)..
  31. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.correlation.PearsonsCorrelation class [36%] ..ct computes pearson's product-moment correlation coefficients for ..
  32. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.Kurtosis class [36%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class kurtosis java.lang.obje..
  33. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.Skewness class [36%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class skewness java.lang.obje..
  34. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.Kurtosis class [36%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class kurtosis java.lang.obje..
  35. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.Skewness class [36%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class skewness java.lang.obje..
  36. Jython Jython example: [35%] ..0 [expr $q * $l] # bending moment function proc fm {x} { ..
  37. Java API Java API: class [35%]
  38. Java API Java API: interface [33%] ..rce cell coordinates. for the moment this interface only exists to..
  39. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.math.optimization.Minpack class [33%] ..sses matrix and array. at the moment, we require that underlying d..
  40. Java API Java API: class [29%] ..sed in treemap // not used at moment. boolean equals(object ob) e..
  41. Java API Java API: jhplot.P0D class [29%]
  42. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.kalman.JKalman class [28%] .. - state of the system at the moment k (k-1) zk - measurement of t..
  43. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.Mean class [28%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class mean java.lang.object o..
  44. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.correlation.PearsonsCorrelation class [28%] ..ct computes pearson's product-moment correlation coefficients for ..
  45. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.Mean class [28%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class mean java.lang.object o..
  46. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.bin.DynamicDoubleBin1D class [25%] ..) returns the minimum. double moment(int k, double c) returns th..
  47. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.bin.DynamicFloatBin1D class [25%] ..() returns the minimum. float moment(int k, float c) returns the..
  48. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.FirstMoment class [25%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class firstmoment java.lang.o..
  49. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.FourthMoment class [25%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class fourthmoment java.lang...
  50. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.SecondMoment class [25%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class secondmoment java.lang...
  51. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.ThirdMoment class [25%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class thirdmoment java.lang.o..
  52. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.SecondMoment class [25%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class secondmoment java.lang...
  53. Java API Java API: org.apache.derby.iapi.jdbc.CharacterStreamDescriptor class [25%] ..guaranteed to be valid at the moment it is passed to the decoder o..
  54. Java API Java API: org.apache.poi.hssf.record.DConRefRecord class [25%] ..t is a self-reference. at the moment this class is read-only. fiel..
  55. Java API Java API: jhplot.P0I class [23%]
  56. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.lang3.time.StopWatch class [23%] ..ime between the start and the moment this method is called, or the..
  57. Java API Java API: class [23%] and at the next convenient moment, get rid of the thread and ma..
  58. Java API Java API: org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFTable class [23%] of columns defined in that moment ibody getbody()  int getcell..
  59. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment.Variance class [23%] ..ommons.math3.stat.descriptive.moment class variance java.lang.obje..
  60. Java API Java API: edu.jas.fd.FDUtil class [21%]
  61. Java API Java API: info.monitorenter.util.TimeStampedValue class [20%] ..e internal time stamp marks a moment in the past, false else. setv..
  62. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment.Variance class [20%] ..commons.math.stat.descriptive.moment class variance java.lang.obje..
  63. Java API Java API: org.apache.derby.iapi.db.Database interface [20%] ..ible methods). at the present moment, this file defines methods wh..
  64. Java API Java API: class [20%] ..buffer is returned. from this moment on one is writing again to th..
  65. Java API Java API: org.matheclipse.core.integrate.rubi.UtilityFunctions class [20%] .. are only placeholders at the moment. field summary fields  modif..
  66. Java API Java API: org.matheclipse.core.integrate.rubi42.UtilityFunctions class [20%] .. are only placeholders at the moment. field summary fields  modif..
  67. Java API Java API: processing.awt.PShapeJava2D class [20%] ..fic to awt and java2d. at the moment, this is gradients and java.a..
  68. Java API Java API: de.erichseifert.gral.navigation.Navigator interface [16%] ..ated navigable object. at the moment the only supported operations..

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