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  1. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Graphics/Technical Showing LaTeX equations
  2. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/2D Presentation style with logo and LaTeX equation
  3. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/2D Annotations on 2D canvaces. Show a LaTeX equation
  4. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Tools/Misc Creating image with equation using LaTex syntax
  5. Jython Jython Example: [57%] Text processing/JEHEP Create a HTML file using DMelt IDE with LaTeX equations

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  1. Java API Java API: jhplot.HLatexEq class [100%] ..jhplot class hlatexeq java.lang.object jhplot.hla..
  2. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoLatexPackage class [90%] ..japlot.jaxodraw class jaxolatexpackage java.lang.object japlo..
  3. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoAxodraw class [64%] ..t defines a number of axodraw latex commands and all the methods ..
  4. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoExportLatex class [56%] ..plot.jaxodraw class jaxoexportlatex java.lang.object japlot.jaxod..
  5. Jython Jython example: [48%] # text processing/jehep | ..
  6. Jython Jython example: [48%] # plots/2d | p | 1.0 | s.c..
  7. Jython Jython example: [45%] image with equation using latex syntax from jhplot import * ..
  8. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoPreview class [44%] ..ation in the preferences, the latex preview may be done with java..
  9. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoGreek class [44%] .. methods to convert them into latex strings and back. field summa..
  10. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.XYChart class [42%] ..code which can be included in latex documents, but it can also pr..
  11. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw package [40%]
  12. Jython Jython example: [40%] # graphics/technical | p |..
  13. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoExportLatexPS class [39%] ..plot.jaxodraw class jaxoexportlatexps java.lang.object japlot.jax..
  14. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core.util.matrices.MatrixLibraries.MatrixLibrariesFormat class [39%] ..ault  htmllist  htmltable  latex  method summary all methods..
  15. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.Axis class [35%] .., is drawn when calling the tolatex method. it provides tools to ..
  16. Jython Jython example: [34%] ..sentation style with logo and latex equation from java.awt impo..
  17. Wiki Wiki: Equations [34%] ..= latex equations= you can create png..
  18. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaFArc class [34%]
  19. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaFLine class [34%]
  20. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaFLoop class [34%]
  21. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaGArc class [34%]
  22. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaGLine class [34%]
  23. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaGLoop class [34%]
  24. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaGlArc class [34%]
  25. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaPArc class [34%]
  26. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaPLine class [34%]
  27. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaPLoop class [34%]
  28. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaSArc class [34%]
  29. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaSLine class [34%]
  30. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaSLoop class [34%] draws this jasloop. string latexcommand(float scale, dimensio..
  31. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaVertexT6 class [34%] ..draws this javertext6. string latexcommand(float scale, dimensio..
  32. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.DiscreteDistIntChart class [32%] ..d b for this object. string tolatexcdf(int width, int height) e..
  33. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaLatexText class [30%] ..jhplot.jadraw class jalatextext java.lang.object jhplot.j..
  34. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.CategoryChart class [29%] ..code which can be included in latex documents, but it can also pr..
  35. Wiki Wiki: DMelt IDE [29%] ..pecially designed for editing latex files. it has several unique ..
  36. Wiki Wiki: Plot Styles by Example [28%] ..elt you can put latex equations too: image 7545957..
  37. Jython Jython example: [28%] a multiline comment with a latex equation $$z=x*\alpha *\int^..
  38. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaLine class [28%]
  39. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaVertexT2 class [28%] ..draws this javertext2. string latexcommand(float scale, dimensio..
  40. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.math.PrimeNumbers class [28%] ..ltiple too. // todo fill in a latex algo for later. constructor s..
  41. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.XArrowAtom class [28%] class xarrowatom java.lan..
  42. Java API Java API: org.ujmp.core package [28%]
  43. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaText class [28%] ..a syntax that is derived from latex. see also: serialized form fi..
  44. Java API Java API: class [27%]
  45. Java API Java API: cc.redberry.physics.oneloopdiv.Benchmarks class [24%] ..uge. the gauge fixing term in latex notation:      s_{gf} =..
  46. Java API Java API: jhplot.HLabelEq class [24%] .. create an equation using the latex syntax on hplot canvas. the e..
  47. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoGraph class [24%] size zero. boolean containslatextext() checks if there are lat..
  48. Wiki Wiki: Tools [22%] ..l in java/jython programs. == latex and mathml equations == start..
  49. Jython Jython example: [22%] ..t # spsheet(p2) # show in a latex table # xformat=decimalforma..
  50. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoColorChooser class [22%] ..hose available in the colrdvi latex package, plus a set of gray s..
  51. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaBlob class [22%]
  52. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaBox class [22%]
  53. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaVertex class [22%] ..the jaobject. abstract string latexcommand(float scale, dimensio..
  54. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.EmpiricalChart class [22%] ..-th series x-values. string tolatex(double width, double height..
  55. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.HistogramChart class [22%] ..s-th histogram bins. string tolatex(double width, double height..
  56. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaKey class [22%]
  57. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.TeXParser class [22%] class texparser java.lang..
  58. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaObject class [21%] ..bject, jafillobject, jakey, jalatextext, jalineobject, jaloopobje..
  59. Wiki Wiki: Working with text [20%] generate an html page with latex equation. as we know from abo..
  60. Wiki Wiki: Working with text in IDE [20%] generate an html page with latex equation. as we know from abo..
  61. Java API Java API: jhplot package [20%]
  62. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.SSJXYSeriesCollection class [20%] ..t variable. abstract string tolatex(double xscale, double yscal..
  63. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaVertexT5 class [20%] ..draws this javertext5. string latexcommand(float scale, dimensio..
  64. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.ScatterChart class [20%] ..-th series x-values. string tolatex(double width, double height..
  65. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.XYLineChart class [20%] ..-th series x-values. string tolatex(double width, double height..
  66. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaLoopObject class [19%] .. object is set or not. string latexwidth() the latex command that..
  67. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoColor class [19%] ..defines all the colors of the latex colordvi package (approximate..
  68. Java API Java API: jhplot.jadraw.JaLineObject class [17%] .. object is set or not. string latexwidth() the latex command that..
  69. Wiki Wiki: to Vector Graphics [17%] ..iles generated by datamelt to latex documents, you should make ep..
  70. Java API Java API: japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoPrefs class [17%] language. static int pref_latexpath the preferred latex path...
  71. Wiki Wiki: [16%] jext editor]; * latextools beanshell macro develope..
  72. Java API Java API: class [16%]
  73. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.BoxChart class [14%] ..o the current chart. string tolatex(double width, double height..
  74. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.HistogramSeriesCollection class [14%] ..rom a list variable. string tolatex(double xscale, double yscal..
  75. Wiki Wiki: Plots in 2D [11%] ..o eps file for inclusion to a latex document dmelt ..

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