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  1. JRuby Ruby/JRuby Example: canvas2D_jhplot.rb [100%] Plots/2D Histogram in HPlot using jruby
  2. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Histograms/2D Showing a 2D histogram in 3D
  3. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Statistics/Descriptive Statistical characteristics of a histogram
  4. Java Java Example: [100%] Histograms/1D Showing histogram using GROOT
  5. BeanShell BeanShell Example: histo1.bsh [100%] Histograms/1D A histogram example using BeanShell
  6. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Histograms/1D Histogram operations using Jaida
  7. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Histograms/1D Histogram and clouds using Jaida
  8. Jython Jython Example: [100%] Histograms/1D A H1D histogram in the log scale
  9. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/2D H1D histogram on SHPlot canvas (a singleton).
  10. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/3D Function, histogram and 3D points using jzy3/jogl
  11. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Histograms/2D Histogram as a 3D surface in jzy3d + animation
  12. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/3D Plot 3D histogram, function with contour plot
  13. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Histograms/1D A H1D histogram using variable bin sizes
  14. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/2D H2D histogram shown as a 3D lego plot
  15. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Plots/2D Histogram of X-Y points with error bars
  16. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Histograms/2D 2D histogram using a density plot in 2D
  17. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Images/Analysis Analysis of a histogram of image colors (RGB)
  18. Java Java Example: [85%] Histograms/1D Histogram arithmetic using Jaida and Java
  19. Java Java Example: [85%] Histograms/2D 2D histogram with density colors and color bar
  20. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Statistics/Smoothing Loess (Lowess) smoothing of a histogram
  21. Java Java Example: [85%] Plots/2D Example of JPlot2D usage. Fill a histogram.
  22. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Function/1D A function (F1D) converted to H1D histogram
  23. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Histograms/Profile Profile 2D histogram HProf1D on HPlot3D
  24. Java Java Example: [85%] Data fitting/jaida Fitting a histogram with the Chi2 method
  25. Jython Jython Example: [85%] Histograms/Profile How to fill a profile histogram HProf1D
  26. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Histograms/2D H2D histogram and F2D function plotted on same 3D plot (HPlot3D)
  27. Jython Jython Example: [71%] File IO/XML Input-output of a histogram to/from a XML file
  28. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Plots/2D Histogram of X-Y points using Waterloo scientific library
  29. Java Java Example: [71%] Data fitting/jaida Fitting a histogram with random numbers using Jaida
  30. Java Java Example: [71%] Data fitting/jaida Fitting a profile histogram using Jaida
  31. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Data fitting/minuit Fitting a histogram with custom function using GROOT
  32. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Data fitting/hfitter Non-linear fit of H2D histogram with HFitter
  33. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Plots/Real time Histogram filled in real time from a stream of data
  34. Java Java Example: [71%] Data fitting/jaida Fitting a histogram using Chi2 method
  35. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Plots/3D 3D histogram (H2D) and a 3D (F2D) function overlyed on HPlot3D
  36. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Data fitting/jaida A fit of a H1D histogram with Gaussian random numbers
  37. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Histograms/2D 2D histogram showed using a contour (line) plot
  38. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Data arrays/PND PND array for n-space and convertion to a histogram
  39. Jython Jython Example: [71%] Histograms/1D Histogram operations (subtract,add,multiply,divide) using H1D
  40. Jython Jython Example: [57%] File IO/Database Write and read 2D array and histogram to SQL Derby database (in-memory)
  41. Jython Jython Example: [57%] Histograms/2D Show 2D (H2D) histogram in 3D using bar style and surface style

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  1. Java API Java API: visad.math package [100%] ..d.math visad.math classes fft histogram..
  2. Java API Java API: package [85%] ..ta.statistics classes abstracthistogram2d histogram histogram2d stati..
  3. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.color.GHistogramFeatureOps class [76%] ..ofcv.alg.feature.color class ghistogramfeatureops java.lang.object bo..
  4. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.color.HistogramFeatureOps class [70%] ..oofcv.alg.feature.color class histogramfeatureops java.lang.object bo..
  5. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.plot2d.primitives.Histogram2d class [60%] ..jzy3d.plot2d.primitives class histogram2d java.lang.object org.jzy3d...
  6. Java API Java API: hep.aida.IBaseHistogram interface [58%] ..hep.aida interface ibasehistogram all known subinterfaces: iclo..
  7. Java API Java API: boofcv.gui.binary package [57%]
  8. Java API Java API: class [56%] class histogram java.lang.object de.erichseif..
  9. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.enhance.impl.ImplEnhanceHistogram class [54%] ..enhance.impl class implenhancehistogram java.lang.object boofcv.alg.e..
  10. Java API Java API: package [50%]
  11. Java API Java API: visad.math package [50%]
  12. Java API Java API: edu.uci.jforests.dataset package [50%] ..dataset datasetloader feature histogram intnumericarray nullnumericar..
  13. Java API Java API: ptolemy.plot package [50%] ..sses editableplot epsgraphics histogram histogramapplet plot plotappl..
  14. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.scene.FeatureToWordHistogram interface [49%] ...scene interface featuretowordhistogram all k..
  15. Java API Java API: ij.plugin.Histogram class [47%] ..ij.plugin class histogram java.lang.object ij.plugin.hi..
  16. Java API Java API: visad.math.Histogram class [47%] ..visad.math class histogram java.lang.object visad.math.h..
  17. Java API Java API: colt.hep.aida.IHistogram interface [46%] ..colt.hep.aida interface ihistogram all superinterfaces: serializ..
  18. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.DoubleIHistogram interface [46%] ..aida.tdouble interface doubleihistogram all superinterfaces: serializ..
  19. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.FloatIHistogram interface [46%] ..p.aida.tfloat interface floatihistogram all superinterfaces: serializ..
  20. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram.Histogram class [46%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram class histogram java.lang.obj..
  21. Java API Java API: jhplot.HProf1D class [46%] ..s serializable create profile histogram in 1d. it is used to show the..
  22. Java API Java API: jhplot.H1D class [46%] ..ptionsimplements serializable histogram in one dimension (1d). a hist..
  23. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.ref.DoubleHistogram1D class [45%] ...aida.tdouble.ref class doublehistogram1d java.lang.object hep.aida.t..
  24. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.ref.FloatHistogram1D class [45%] ..ep.aida.tfloat.ref class floathistogram1d java.lang.object hep.aida.t..
  25. Java API Java API: org.jplot2d.element.XYGraph.ChartType class [45%] ..enum constant and description histogram histogram with data point at ..
  26. Wiki Wiki: Histograms [44%] ..= histograms = a graphical representation..
  27. Jython Jython example: [43%] # histograms/1d | p | 1.0 | s.chekanov | ..
  28. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.scene.HistogramScene class [43%] ..boofcv.alg.scene class histogramscene java.lang.object boofcv...
  29. Java API Java API: com.flaptor.hist4j package [43%]
  30. Java API Java API: edu.uci.jforests.dataset.Histogram class [43%] ..du.uci.jforests.dataset class histogram java.lang.object edu.uci.jfor..
  31. Jython Jython example: [43%] ..p | 1.5 | | plot 3d histogram, function with contour plot #..
  32. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.dense.DescribeDenseHogAlg.Cell class [43%] ..field and description float[] histogram  constructor summary constru..
  33. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.scene package [43%]
  34. Jython Jython example: [42%] .. 1.5 | s.chekanov | function, histogram and 3d points using jzy3/jogl..
  35. Java Java example: [42%] .. 1.0 | s.chekanov | fitting a histogram with random numbers using jai..
  36. Java Java example: [42%] // histograms/1d | c | 1.9 | | s..
  37. Jython Jython example: [42%] ..ort db,dbmaker # 1d array & histogram p1=p0d(); p1.randomnormal(10..
  38. Java API Java API: edu.rit.numeric.Series.RobustStats class [42%] ..e.nan (not-a-number), and the histogram bin counts are always 0. fiel..
  39. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram package [42%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram hep.aida.ref.histogram classe..
  40. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram.AbstractBaseHistogram class [41%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram class abstractbasehistogram j..
  41. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram.Histogram1D class [41%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram class histogram1d java.lang.o..
  42. Wiki Wiki: (Histograms) [40%] ..__nocache__ = histograms = one can fill histograms wi..
  43. Jython Jython example: [40%] .. | p | 1.0 | s.chekanov | h1d histogram on shplot canvas (a singleton..
  44. Jython Jython example: [40%] # histograms/2d | p | 1.5 | sergei | hist..
  45. Jython Jython example: [40%] ..plots/3d | p | 1.5 | sergei | histograms in 3 using surface and conto..
  46. Jython Jython example: [40%] ..tistical characteristics of a histogram from jhplot import * p0=p0..
  47. Jython Jython example: [40%] .. p | 1 | s.chekanov | showing histograms and array in jas plotter, th..
  48. Jython Jython example: [40%] # histograms/profile | p | 1.0 | s.chekan..
  49. Jython Jython example: [39%] .. 1.9 | s.chekanov | fitting a histogram with custom function using gr..
  50. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.filter.blur.impl.ImplMedianHistogramInnerNaive class [39%] ..ter.blur.impl class implmedianhistograminnernaive java.lang.object bo..
  51. Java API Java API: cern.hep.aida.ref.Histogram1D class [39%] class histogram1d java.lang.object cern.hep.a..
  52. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.scene.FeatureToWordHistogram_F64 class [39%] ...alg.scene class featuretowordhistogram_f64 java.lang.object boofcv.a..
  53. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.DoubleIHistogram1D interface [38%] ..aida.tdouble interface doubleihistogram1d all superinterfaces: double..
  54. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.FloatIHistogram1D interface [38%] ..p.aida.tfloat interface floatihistogram1d all superinterfaces: floati..
  55. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.filter.blur.impl.ImplMedianHistogramInner class [37%] ..ter.blur.impl class implmedianhistograminner java.lang.object boofcv...
  56. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.tracker.meanshift.LocalWeightedHistogramRotRect class [37%] ...meanshift class localweightedhistogramrotrect j..
  57. Java API Java API: jhplot.H1DA class [37%] ..ct com.flaptor.hist4j.adaptivehistogram jhplot.h1da all implemented i..
  58. Java API Java API: colt.hep.aida.IHistogram1D interface [37%] ..colt.hep.aida interface ihistogram1d all superinterfaces: ihisto..
  59. Jython Jython example: [37%] ..(f1d) converted to two custom histograms (h1d) from java.awt import..
  60. Jython Jython example: [37%] ..d(10000,45,90.87) # we fill histogram now. z value is a weight for ..
  61. Java Java example: [37%] .. | 1 | s.chekanov | fitting a histogram with the chi2 method import h..
  62. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram.Histogram2D class [37%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram class histogram2d java.lang.o..
  63. Java API Java API: cern.hep.aida.ref package [35%]
  64. Java API Java API: colt.hep.aida.IHistogram2D interface [35%] ..colt.hep.aida interface ihistogram2d all superinterfaces: ihisto..
  65. Java API Java API: edu.rit.smp.fractal package [35%]
  66. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.DoubleIHistogram2D interface [35%] ..aida.tdouble interface doubleihistogram2d all superinterfaces: double..
  67. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.FloatIHistogram2D interface [35%] ..p.aida.tfloat interface floatihistogram2d all superinterfaces: floati..
  68. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.ref package [35%]
  69. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.maths.Histogram class [35%] class histogram java.lang.object
  70. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.maths package [35%] ..tes dimension grid gridloader histogram integercoord2d mapper normal ..
  71. Java API Java API: class [35%] the methods to create a 2d histogram and operations to fill it and..
  72. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.histogram.Histogram3D class [35%] ..hep.aida.ref.histogram class histogram3d java.lang.o..
  73. Jython Jython example: [35%] # histograms/1d | p | 1.0 | s.chekanov | ..
  74. Jython Jython example: [35%] .. 1.4 | | writing and reading histograms in/from file from jhplot imp..
  75. Jython Jython example: [35%] ..ction (f1d) converted to h1d histogram from java.awt import colo..
  76. Jython Jython example: [35%] ..r n-space and convertion to a histogram from java.awt import color f..
  77. Jython Jython example: [35%] # histograms/1d | c | 1.0 | s.chekanov |..
  78. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.event package [35%]
  79. Java API Java API: jhplot.utils.SHisto class [35%] ..bject this class represents a histogram operation class. some parts o..
  80. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.color.Histogram_F64 class [34%] ..oofcv.alg.feature.color class histogram_f64 java.lang.object boofcv.s..
  81. Java API Java API: cern.hep.aida.ref.Histogram3D class [34%] class histogram3d java.lang.object cern.hep.a..
  82. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tdouble.ref.DoubleHistogram3D class [34%] ...aida.tdouble.ref class doublehistogram3d java.lang.object hep.aida.t..
  83. Java API Java API: hep.aida.tfloat.ref.FloatHistogram3D class [34%] ..ep.aida.tfloat.ref class floathistogram3d java.lang.object hep.aida.t..
  84. Java API Java API: class [33%] ..he class to create a basic 1d histogram constructor summary construct..
  85. Java API Java API: jhplot.HFit class [33%] ..ct main class for fit data or histograms. constructor summary constru..
  86. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.enhance.GEnhanceImageOps class [33%] ..nt radius, t output, int[] histogram, int[] transform) equalizes ..
  87. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.scene.ClassifierKNearestNeighborsBow class [33%] ..ists of a labeled set of word histograms. each word histogram was cre..
  88. Java API Java API: boofcv.examples.recognition.ExampleColorHistogramLookup class [33%] ..recognition class examplecolorhistogramlookup java.lang.object boofcv..

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