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  1. Jython Jython Example: [99%] Statistics/Regression Polynomial regression example. It shows PolySolve generator to fit X-Y data.

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  1. Java API Java API: package [100%]
  2. Java API Java API: package [56%] packages..
  3. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.randomLCG class [54%] ..d) rand() linear congruential generator given as an example in the an..
  4. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.randomJava class [50%] ..the built-in java.util.random generator. note that since the higher l..
  5. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.randomMCG class [50%] .." multiplicative congruential generator of park and miller. [park, s...
  6. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.UniformRandomGenerator class [50%] ..ath.random class uniformrandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  7. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.UniformRandomGenerator class [50%] ..th3.random class uniformrandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  8. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.AbstractWell class [49%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  9. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.AbstractWell class [49%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  10. Java API Java API: hep.physics.event.generator package [48%] ..packagesics.event.generator package..
  11. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.DiscreteRandomVariable interface [48%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for a discrete distribution. ..
  12. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.RNG interface [48%] ..e rng defines a random number generator that is capable of generating..
  13. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well1024a class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  14. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well19937a class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  15. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well19937c class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  16. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well44497a class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  17. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well44497b class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  18. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.Well512a class [48%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  19. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well1024a class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  20. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well19937a class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  21. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well19937c class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  22. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well44497a class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  23. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well44497b class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  24. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.Well512a class [48%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  25. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.LinearCongruentialRNG class [46%] ..a general linear congruential generator. references: wikipedia contri..
  26. Java API Java API: org.jgrapht.generate.WeightedGraphGenerator class [46%] ..t.generate class weightedgraphgenerator java.lang.object org.jgr..
  27. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.GaussianRandomGenerator class [46%] class gaussianrandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  28. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.MersenneTwister class [46%] ..commons.math.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math.rando..
  29. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.GaussianRandomGenerator class [46%] ..h3.random class gaussianrandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  30. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.MersenneTwister class [46%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  31. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.randomize.factory.BasicRandomFactory class [46%] ..ializable basic random number generator factory. simply returns the r..
  32. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.RandomGenerator interface [45%] ..s.math.random interface randomgenerator all known implementing classe..
  33. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.RandomGenerator interface [45%] ...math3.random interface randomgenerator all known implementing classe..
  34. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.UncorrelatedRandomVectorGenerator class [44%] ..class uncorrelatedrandomvectorgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  35. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.UncorrelatedRandomVectorGenerator class [44%] ..class uncorrelatedrandomvectorgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  36. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.randvar.RandomVariateGenWithCache class [43%] ..s represents a random variate generator whose values are cached for m..
  37. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.randomHotBits class [43%] ..oactive decay random sequence generator. designed and implemented in ..
  38. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.methods.montecarlo.PathGenerator class [43%] ...methods.montecarlo class pathgenerator
  39. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.randvar.LognormalSpecialGen class [43%] ..bitrary normal random variate generator. the (non-static) nextdouble ..
  40. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.ContinuousRandomVariable interface [42%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for a continuous distribution..
  41. Java API Java API: org.jgap.util.randomLEcuyer class [42%] ..using l'ecuyer's two-sequence generator with a bays-durham shuffle, a..
  42. Java API Java API: cc.redberry.core.indexgenerator.IndexGeneratorImpl class [42%] class indexgeneratorimpl java..
  43. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.BernoulliRandomVariable class [42%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the bernoulli distributio..
  44. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.RandomRNG class [42%] ..mplements rng a random number generator that delegates random number ..
  45. Java API Java API: org.apache.derby.iapi.sql.dictionary.BulkInsertCounter interface [42%] ..hin wrapper around a sequence generator to support the bulk-insert op..
  46. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.labels.IntervalCategoryToolTipGenerator class [42%] .. class intervalcategorytooltipgenerator java.lang.object
  47. Java API Java API: org.jgrapht.generate.GnpRandomGraphGenerator class [41%] ...generate class gnprandomgraphgenerator java.lang.object org.jgr..
  48. Java API Java API: cern.jet.random.engine.Benchmark class [40%] ..on the default uniform random generator are synchronized and therefor..
  49. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.NormalRandomVariable class [40%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the normal distribution. ..
  50. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.StableRandomGenerator class [40%] ..ath3.random class stablerandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  51. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.math.randomnumbers.SeedGenerator class [40%] ...math.randomnumbers class seedgenerator java.lang.object org.jquantli..
  52. Java API Java API: org.uncommons.maths.random.ExponentialGenerator class [40%] ..maths.random class exponentialgenerator java.lang.object org.uncommon..
  53. Java API Java API: org.uncommons.maths.random.PoissonGenerator class [40%] ..ons.maths.random class poissongenerator java.lang.object org.uncommon..
  54. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.BitsStreamGenerator class [38%] ...math3.random class bitsstreamgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  55. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.math.randomnumbers.MersenneTwisterUniformRng class [38%] ..ented interfaces: randomnumbergenerator public class mersennetwisteru..
  56. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.ISAACRandom class [38%] ..ommons.math3.random.bitsstreamgenerator org.apache.commons.math3.rand..
  57. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.labels.StandardPieToolTipGenerator class [38%] ..abels class standardpietooltipgenerator java.lang.object
  58. Java API Java API: org.jgrapht.generate.GnmRandomBipartiteGraphGenerator class [38%] .. class gnmrandombipartitegraphgenerator java.lang.object org.jgr..
  59. Java API Java API: org.jgrapht.generate.GnpRandomBipartiteGraphGenerator class [38%] .. class gnprandombipartitegraphgenerator java.lang.object org.jgr..
  60. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.SynchronizedRandomGenerator class [38%] ..andom class synchronizedrandomgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  61. Java API Java API: cc.redberry.core.indexgenerator.IntGenerator class [37%] class intgenerator java.lang...
  62. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.BetaRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the beta distribution. re..
  63. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.CauchyRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the cauchy distribution. ..
  64. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.ChiSquaredRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the chi-squared distribut..
  65. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.ExponentialRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the exponential distribut..
  66. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.FRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the f distribution. refer..
  67. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.GammaRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the gamma distribution. r..
  68. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.GeometricRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the geometric distributio..
  69. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.LaplaceRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the laplace distribution...
  70. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.LogNormalRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the log normal distributi..
  71. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.LogisticRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the logistic distribution..
  72. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.NegativeBinomialRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the negative binomial dis..
  73. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.PoissonRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the poisson distribution...
  74. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.RayleighRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the rayleigh distribution..
  75. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.TRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for student's t distribution...
  76. Java API Java API: jhplot.math.num.random.UniformRandomVariable class [37%] ..domvariable a random variable generator for the uniform distribution...
  77. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.random.BitsStreamGenerator class [37%] ..s.math.random class bitsstreamgenerator java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  78. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.labels.IntervalCategoryItemLabelGenerator class [37%] ..lass intervalcategoryitemlabelgenerator java.lang.object
  79. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.urls.StandardPieURLGenerator class [37%] ..hart.urls class standardpieurlgenerator java.lang.object
  80. Java API Java API: org.uncommons.maths.random.GaussianGenerator class [37%] ..ns.maths.random class gaussiangenerator java.lang.object org.uncommon..

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