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  1. Java Java Example: [59%] Plots/2D Showing multiple gaussian histograms with GROOT
  2. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab Example: fit_plot.m [50%] Data fitting/minuit Show how to fit data using a Gaussian function
  3. Jython Jython Example: [50%] Data fitting/jaida A fit of a H1D histogram with Gaussian random numbers
  4. Jython Jython Example: [39%] Data fitting/hfitter Fitting data using several Gaussian distributions added together

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  1. Java API Java API: joptima.functions package [100%] ..rainablefunction cosine cubic gaussian linear quadratic sine sum2d t..
  2. Java API Java API: org.neuroph.core.transfer package [100%] ..neuroph.core.transfer classes gaussian linear log ramp sgn sigmoid s..
  3. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.analysis.function.Gaussian class [92%] ..math3.analysis.function class gaussian java.lang.object org.apache.c..
  4. Java API Java API: org.neuroph.core.transfer.Gaussian class [90%] ..g.neuroph.core.transfer class gaussian java.lang.object org.neuroph...
  5. Java API Java API: boofcv.abst.filter.derivative package [87%] ..imagederivative imagegradient_gaussian imagegradient_pl imagegradien..
  6. Java API Java API: org.joone.engine.RbfGaussianParameters class [82%] class rbfgaussianparameters java.lang.object or..
  7. Java API Java API: org.ddogleg.rand package [75%]
  8. Java API Java API: jhpro.tseries package [70%]
  9. Java API Java API: org.joone.engine.RbfGaussianLayer class [70%] class rbfgaussianlayer java.lang.object org.joo..
  10. Java API Java API: boofcv.factory.filter.kernel.FactoryKernelGaussian class [68%] ..ter.kernel class factorykernelgaussian java.lang.object boofcv.facto..
  11. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.fitting.GaussianFitter class [66%] ..e.commons.math3.fitting class gaussianfitter java.lang.object org.ap..
  12. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.fitting.GaussianFitter class [66%] ..h3.optimization.fitting class gaussianfitter java.lang.object org.ap..
  13. Java Java example: [64%] .. // fill 1d histogram with gaussian random r = new random()..
  14. Java Java example: [64%] ..ramfactory.createhistogram1d("gaussian distribution",100,-5,5); ..
  15. Java API Java API: boofcv.demonstrations.feature.detect package [62%] ..] fit() deprecated.  fits a gaussian function to the ob..
  16. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf package [62%] ..ionintegrator functionmcstudy gaussian grid ifunctionwrapper interna..
  17. Java API Java API: org.jgap.symbolic package [62%] ..tected equalsd forloopd gamma gaussian greaterthand greaterthanorequ..
  18. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.describe.brief.FactoryBriefDefinition class [61%] ..ere randomly generated with a gaussian distribution. constructor sum..
  19. Java API Java API: org.ddogleg.clustering.gmm.GaussianLikelihoodManager.Likelihood class [61%] ...ddogleg.clustering.gmm class gaussianlikelihoodmanager.likelihood j..
  20. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.randomize.GaussianRandomizer class [61%] ..ncog.mathutil.randomize class gaussianrandomizer java.lang.object or..
  21. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.probdist.InverseGaussianDist class [61%] ..lecuyer.probdist class inversegaussiandist java.lang.object umontrea..
  22. Java API Java API: boofcv.abst.filter.derivative.ImageGradient_Gaussian class [59%] ..erivative class imagegradient_gaussian
  23. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf.Gaussian class [59%] ..hep.aida.ref.pdf class gaussian java.lang.object hep.aida.ref..
  24. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.filter.blur.GBlurImageOps class [57%] ..tatic t gaussian(t input, t output, double ..
  25. Java API Java API: org.ddogleg.clustering.gmm.GaussianGmm_F64 class [57%] ...ddogleg.clustering.gmm class gaussiangmm_f64 java.lang.object org.d..
  26. Java API Java API: org.jquantlib.math.statistics.GenericGaussianStatistics class [56%] ...math.statistics class genericgaussianstatistics java.lang.object or..
  27. Jython Jython example: [55%] ..a fit of a h1d histogram with gaussian random numbers """


  28. Java API Java API: boofcv.factory.filter.blur.FactoryBlurFilter class [55%] ..agegray> blurstoragefilter gaussian(class type, double sigma..
  29. Java API Java API: org.encog.mathutil.rbf.GaussianFunction class [55%] class gaussianfunction java.lang.object org...
  30. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.randvar.InverseGaussianGen class [55%] ...lecuyer.randvar class inversegaussiangen java.lang.object umontreal..
  31. Octave/Matlab Octave/Matlab example: fit_plot.m [53%] .. show how to fit data using a gaussian function function y=fit(a,x) ..
  32. Jython Jython example: [53%] ..ue 10 and error with sigma=1 (gaussian) # relative error: 10% # add ..
  33. Jython Jython example: [53%] h1.fill(r.nextgaussian()) c1.draw(h1) pa2..
  34. Java API Java API: joptima.functions.Gaussian class [53%] ..joptima.functions class gaussian java.lang.object joptima.func..
  35. Java API Java API: org.ddogleg.clustering.gmm.GaussianLikelihoodManager class [53%] ...ddogleg.clustering.gmm class gaussianlikelihoodmanager java.lang.ob..
  36. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.probdist.NormalInverseGaussianDist class [51%] ..r.probdist class normalinversegaussiandist java.lang.object umontrea..
  37. Jython Jython example: [50%] ..ents up to 4th order # use a gaussian random numbers r=random(); fo..
  38. Jython Jython example: [50%] ..example") # fill 3d data with gaussian random numbers rand = random(..
  39. Jython Jython example: [50%] ..c1.setnamex("x") c1.setnamey("gaussian mean") c1.visible() h2=hprof..
  40. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.weights package [50%]
  41. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf.FunctionDispatcher interface [50%] ..asses: exponential, function, gaussian, ifunctionwrapper, nonparamet..
  42. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math.optimization.fitting.GaussianFitter class [50%] class gaussianfitter java.lang.object org.ap..
  43. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.analysis.function.Gaussian.Parametric class [50%] ..math3.analysis.function class gaussian.parametric java.lang.object o..
  44. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.analysis.function package [50%] ..s cosh divide exp expm1 floor gaussian gaussian.parametric harmonico..
  45. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.transform.pyramid.PyramidDiscreteSampleBlur class [48%] ..this is useful for creating a gaussian pyramid as well as other stan..
  46. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.randvar.InverseGaussianMSHGen class [48%] ...lecuyer.randvar class inversegaussianmshgen java.lang.object umontr..
  47. Java API Java API: ij.plugin.filter.GaussianBlur class [46%] ..ij.plugin.filter class gaussianblur java.lang.object ij.plugi..
  48. Jython Jython example: [44%] ..2d objects in 3d h1= p2d("3d gaussian 1") h1.setsymbolsize(2); h1.s..
  49. Jython Jython example: [44%] ..ue 10 and error with sigma=1 (gaussian) # relative error: 10% # add ..
  50. Jython Jython example: [44%] ..10000): h1.fill(2*r.nextgaussian(),2*r.nextgaussian()+3) c1 =..
  51. Java API Java API: org.joone.util.RbfRandomCenterSelector class [44%] ..d to select fixed centers for gaussian rbf layers randomly from the ..
  52. Wiki Wiki: Wavelets [43%] ..we will create a 1d vector of gaussian numbers and transform using f..
  53. Jython Jython example: [43%] ..ents up to 4th order # use a gaussian random numbers r=random(); fo..
  54. Jython Jython example: [43%] ..lot3d("canvas") c1.setgtitle("gaussian mean") c1.setrange(0,10,0.0,5..
  55. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.detect.intensity.impl.ImplShiTomasiCornerWeighted_F32 class [43%] ..y that samples pixels using a gaussian distribution based off of imp..
  56. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.feature.detect.intensity.impl.ImplShiTomasiCornerWeighted_S16 class [43%] ..y that samples pixels using a gaussian distribution based off of imp..
  57. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf.HasName interface [43%] ..ndent, exponential, function, gaussian, ifunctionwrapper, nonparamet..
  58. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf.HasUnits interface [43%] ..ndent, exponential, function, gaussian, ifunctionwrapper, nonparamet..
  59. Java API Java API: hep.aida.ref.pdf.HasValue interface [43%] ..ndent, exponential, function, gaussian, ifunctionwrapper, nonparamet..
  60. Java API Java API: jhpro.tseries.GaussianFilter class [43%] ..jhpro.tseries class gaussianfilter java.lang.object jhpro...
  61. Java API Java API: org.la4j.linear package [43%]
  62. Java API Java API: org.neuroph.util.random.GaussianRandomizer class [43%] class gaussianrandomizer java.lang.object or..
  63. Jython Jython example: [43%] ..) # bulding a new function: gaussian+p1 f.setfunc("g+p1") f.setpar..
  64. Java API Java API: org.uncommons.maths.random.GaussianGenerator class [43%] ...uncommons.maths.random class gaussiangenerator java.lang.object org..
  65. Java API Java API: org.apache.commons.math3.random.ValueServer class [42%] .. random values with mean = mu gaussian_mode -- generates gaussian di..
  66. Java API Java API: org.jgap.symbolic.Gaussian class [41%] class gaussian java.lang.object
  67. Java API Java API: org.joone.engine.SpatialMap class [38%] ..bclasses: circularspatialmap, gaussianspatialmap public abstract cla..
  68. Java Java example: [37%] ..reatehistogram1d("gausshist","gaussian histogram",100,-5,5); icl..

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