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  1. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.OverUnderDelimiter class [48%] ..runderdelimiterextends atom a box representing another atom wit..
  2. Java API Java API: edu.rit.draw.item.Oval class [48%] ..point of this oval's bounding box. oval c(point thepoint) set ..
  3. Java API Java API: math.geom2d.curve.Curves2D class [48%] ..rve(continuouscurve2d curve, box2d box) clips a continuous cu..
  4. Java API Java API: georegression.struct.shapes.Box3D_F32 class [47%] ..egression.struct.shapes class box3d_f32 java.lang.object georeg..
  5. Java API Java API: georegression.struct.shapes.Box3D_F64 class [47%] ..egression.struct.shapes class box3d_f64 java.lang.object georeg..
  6. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.renderer.Outlier class [45%] ..represents one outlier in the box and whisker plot. all the coo..
  7. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.FBoxAtom class [44%] ..cilab.forge.jlatexmath class fboxatom java.lang.object org.scil..
  8. Java API Java API: vmm3d.core.ParameterInput class [43%] ..utextends jtextfield an input box that lets the user enter a va..
  9. Java Java example: [43%] ..,60); // draw a cube box(100); translate(200,70..
  10. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.plot3d.primitives.axes.AxeBase class [42%] is configured by a boundingbox. constructor summary construc..
  11. Jython Jython example: [42%] ..olormap, scatter, style2d and box styles from jhplot import ..
  12. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.maths.BoundingBox3d class [42%] class boundingbox3d java.lang.object org.jzy3d...
  13. Java API Java API: visad.RendererControl class [42%]
  14. Java API Java API: de.erichseifert.gral.plots.BoxPlot class [41%] ..erichseifert.gral.plots class boxplot java.lang.object de.erich..
  15. Java API Java API: math.geom2d.Shape2D interface [41%] ..p the shape, get its bounding box, or its distance to a given p..
  16. Jython Jython example: [39%] ..le() c1.setscale(0.9) # make box smaller h1=p2d() for i in ..
  17. Jython Jython example: [39%] ..) ren=c1.getrender(); ren.setboxon(true) # draw a box from..
  18. Java API Java API: hep.aida.IDataStyle interface [39%] ..hod summary all methods?7abox-..
  19. Java API Java API: org.opengis.filter.spatial.BBOX interface [39%] ..gis.filter.spatial interface bbox all superinterfaces: filter, ..
  20. Java API Java API: ptolemy.gui.QueryListener interface [39%] ..face for changes in the query box. since: ptolemy ii 0.3 method..
  21. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.AccentedAtom class [39%] ..d type method and description box createbox(texenvironment env..
  22. Wiki Wiki: [36%] ..) # get display render ren.setboxon(true) # draw a box ren.setb..
  23. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.Atom class [36%] ..tom, dynamicatom, emptyatom, fboxatom, fcscoreatom, fencedatom,..
  24. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.SymbolAtom class [36%] ..ymbolatomextends charsymbol a box representing a symbol (a non-..
  25. Java API Java API: org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy.XYBoxAndWhiskerRenderer class [36%] ..ree.chart.renderer.xy class xyboxandwhiskerrenderer java.lang.o..
  26. Java API Java API: math.geom2d.domain.GenericDomain2D class [36%] ..urns the boundary of the set. box2d boundingbox() if the domain..
  27. Java API Java API: math.geom2d package [35%]
  28. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.plot3d.primitives.axes.IAxe interface [35%] ..ementing classes: axebase, axebox, axebox2d, axeboxwithtxtrende..
  29. Java API Java API: org.neuroph.nnet package [35%]
  30. Java API Java API: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.MatrixAtom class [35%] ..lass matrixatomextends atom a box representing a matrix. field ..
  31. Java API Java API: umontreal.iro.lecuyer.charts.BoxChart class [35%] ..real.iro.lecuyer.charts class boxchart java.lang.object umontre..
  32. Java API Java API: hep.aida.IInfoStyle interface [35%] ..e scene representing the info box. method summary all methods ..
  33. Java API Java API: hep.aida.Unit interface [35%] ..o specify the position of the box's origin and size. field summ..
  34. Java API Java API: org.neuroph.util.random.GaussianRandomizer class [35%] ..randomization technique using box muller method. based on gauss..
  35. Java API Java API: org.statcato.graph package [35%]
  36. Java API Java API: org.jzy3d.plot3d.primitives.axes.ContourAxeBox class [34%] ..imitives.axes class contouraxebox java.lang.object
  37. Java API Java API: boofcv.alg.distort.DistortImageOps class [33%] ..inds an axis-aligned bounding box which would contain a image a..
  38. Java API Java API: cern.colt.bitvector.BitMatrix class [33%] ..r cleared. rectangular parts (boxes) can quickly be extracted, ..
  39. Java API Java API: cern.colt.matrix.tbit.BitMatrix class [33%] ..r cleared. rectangular parts (boxes) can quickly be extracted, ..
  40. Java API Java API: edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.util.VertexShapeFactory class [33%] ..ns: the width of the bounding box of the shape is given by the ..
  41. Java API Java API: class [33%] class boxandwhiskeritem java.lang.objec..
  42. Java API Java API: math.geom2d.circulinear.CirculinearContinuousCurve2D interface [33%] ..linearcontinuouscurve2d> clip(box2d box) clip the shape with t..

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