DataMelt is a takeover of jHepWork (1995-2013) and SCaVis SCaVis (2013-2015) . SCaVis is fully compatible with the jHepWork v3.9.

Getting started tutorial (3 min movie)

This tutorial discusses the community "desktop" IDE. In addition, DMelt includes IDE with plotting canvases and Jython shell for small-screen devices. This video shows how to use it. Here is another example showing an interactive fit program .


New features included in the jHepWork release 2.2 and above are described in the book Scientific Data Analysis using Jython Scripting and Java. At present, this is the most complete, up-to-date textbook describing Jython scripting and SCaVis.

Online tutorials

There is also a growing DMelt online manual. Also look at the tutorial: Data Analysis and Data Mining Using Java, Jython and SCaVis (Java.net, Oracle, 2011). You may also look at Help API which organizes the topics in form of tree.

Movies with tutorials

Windows users may need to download MPEG4 codecs.

Jython useful links

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