Find out which DMelt is right for you

DMelt feature Community edition (free) DMelt membership Commercial & developers license
DMelt with all jar libraries and IDE. Mixed GPL and non-GPL licences (180 MB size) YES YES YES
Online manual (basic introduction) YES YES YES
Access to Java API of DMelt core library (600 classes) YES YES YES
Community forum and bug tracker YES YES YES
Updates of separate jar files via DMelt IDE NO YES YES
Full version of DMelt manual NO YES YES
Access to Java API (40,000 classes) NO YES YES
Search in content of Javadoc, examples, Wiki NO YES YES
Access to Image gallery with code examples NO YES YES
Web access to more than 600 DMelt examples NO YES YES
Redesigned DMelt with commercially friendly licenses (LGPL, Apache. etc) NO NO YES
Complete Javadoc API (HTML) NO NO YES
Minimalistic DMelt with built-in Jython (25 MB) NO NO YES
Minimalistic Java Web Start friendly DMelt with simplified Jython (15 MB) NO NO YES
Professional user support NO NO YES

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