API documentation of the 'jhplot.math.num.Series' Java class

Class Series


Class Series

  • public abstract class Seriesextends IterativeMethod

    This class provides the means to evaluate infinite series (1). To create a series, authors subclass this class and provided a concrete term method. Of note, when evaluating a series, the term indicies are the nonnegative integers. That is to say, the first term is at index zero and each subsequent term increases the index by one. It is the responsibility of the author to shift term indices as needed if a series does not start at zero or if the indices are not unit increments.

    For example, this is the series for the exponential function defined by (2):

     Series exponential = new Series() {     public double getTerm(int n, double x) {         return Math.pow(x, n) / factorial(n);     }      private double factorial(int n) {         double p = 1.0;         while(n > 1.0) {             p *= n--;         }         return p;     } } 


    1. Eric W. Weisstein. "Series." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Series.html
    2. Exponential Function: Series Representation. http://functions.wolfram.com/

    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public double evaluate(double x)                throws NumericException
        Evaluate this series at the given value.
        x - the point of evalutation.
        the value of this series evaluated at x.
        NumericException - if the series could not be evaluated.

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