API documentation of the 'jhplot.jadraw.JaBox' Java class

Class JaBox


Class JaBox

    • Constructor Detail

      • JaBox

        public JaBox()
        Constructor: sets the width, height, getRelw() and getRelh() to a default value of 25.
      • JaBox

        public JaBox(double x1,             double y1,             double x2,             double y2,             String what)
        Build a box.
        x1 - starting x
        y1 - starting y
        x2 - end of x
        y2 - end of y
        what - if "NDC", coordinate in NDC (from 0 to 1), if "USER" coordinates are in the user system given by the axes.
    • Method Detail

      • getXYCoord

        public int[] getXYCoord(int x,                        int y,                        int relw,                        int relh)
        Get coordinates of the box
        x -
        y -
        relw -
        relh -
      • setLocationXY

        public void setLocationXY(int xin,                          int yin,                          int xfin,                          int yfin)
        Set box location in pixel coordinates
        xin - min x
        yin - max x
        xfin - min y
        yfin - max y
      • setFilled

        public void setFilled(boolean fill)
        Fill or not the object
        fill - true is filled
      • isFilled

        public boolean isFilled()
        Get the filled style
      • setTransparency

        public void setTransparency(float transp)
        Set transparency of this object
        transp - transparency from 0 to 1
      • getTransparency

        public float getTransparency()
        Get the transparency of it
      • copy

        public final JaObject copy()
        Returns an exact copy of this Label.
        Specified by:
        copy in class JaObject
        A copy of this Label.
      • isCopy

        public final boolean isCopy(JaObject comp)
        Returns true if all serializable variables of this JaObject and those of the specified one are equal.
        Specified by:
        isCopy in class JaObject
        comp - A JaObject to compare with.
        True if the objects are equal, false otherwise.
      • getGrabbedHandle

        public final int getGrabbedHandle(int clickX,                                  int clickY,                                  int editmode)
        Determines where on this JaObject a mouse click has ocurred.
        Specified by:
        getGrabbedHandle in class JaObject
        clickX - The x position of the point where the mouse click ocurred.
        clickY - The y position of the point where the mouse click ocurred.
        editmode - The current edit mode as defined in JaxoMainPanel.
        An integer specifying whether the click ocurred on one of the handles and if yes, on which.
      • drawHandles

        public final void drawHandles(org.freehep.graphics2d.VectorGraphics g2)
        Draws the handles of this box object.
        Specified by:
        drawHandles in class JaObject
        g2 - The current graphics context.
      • jaxoDraw

        public final void jaxoDraw(org.freehep.graphics2d.VectorGraphics g2,                           boolean drawToScreen)
        The method that draws this Label.
        Specified by:
        jaxoDraw in class JaObject
        g2 - The graphics context where the Label has to be drawn.
        drawToScreen - A boolean variable that indicates whether the drawing is done on the screen or somewhere else. This is used for exporting/printing, where the object handles should not be painted, even if they are visible on the screen.
      • latexCommand

        public final String latexCommand(float scale,                                 Dimension canvasDim)
        The LaTeX command that is necessary to draw the given Label using the axodraw.sty package.
        Specified by:
        latexCommand in class JaObject
        scale - A scale factor to translate Java coordinates to LaTeX coordinates.
        canvasDim - The current dimension of the canvas.
        The corresponding axodraw LaTeX command.
      • rescaleObject

        public final void rescaleObject(int orx,                                int ory,                                float scale)
        Rescales this Label by the scale factor scale, keeping the point (orx, ory) fixed.
        Specified by:
        rescaleObject in class JaObject
        orx - The x - coordinate of the fixed point
        ory - The y - coordinate of the fixed point
        scale - The scale parameter
      • editPanel

        public final boolean editPanel()
        Brings up the edit panel that allows to change the parameters of this object.
        Specified by:
        editPanel in class JaObject
        True if the editing actually changed the object, false if the object has not been changed.

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